Pocket Catch Pixelmon

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Proudly to present the award-winning trendy game, Pocket Catch Pixelmon now available for android market! After you've installed and ready to go, and you've loaded up your beautiful real-life scenery, wild pixel monsters will be wondering in the green blocky hills, parks and jungle forest. First, You will be able to choose the game mode you wish to play. Game objective is to capture as many wild creatures as you can before the time is up. With simple and easy to understand user control, even young adult and kids are able to participate this free game. To catch the wild pixelmon, we are going to need some pixel ball. But be careful there's limit of the pixelball you can hold at first. Thankfully you are still able to add more pixelball by tapping the screen on the left below. You will be given 3 monster ball as default play. Tap the pixel creature in order to capture them. Some pixelmon are ultra rare and powerful, you need more than 1 pixelball just to capture it. But do not worry, use the points you obtain to unlock more powerful ball and also amount of pixelball you hold. Good luck and be the best pixelmon catcher among your friends and family! Download and try it now! Do not forget to rate us if you like this free game! ?NEW FREE Pixelmon Catching game for Android - Totally free to play - Top notch monster graphics - Awesome music to enhance the gameplay - Smooth screen touch & pixelmon animation ?Well-made game with colorful graphics - Lots of wild monster to catch. - Endless fun - Upgrade your storage to keep more pixelball and unlock more master ball - Easy aim and tap game control - EXTRAS: Endless mode, compete with your friends and family to see who able catch the most Are you ready? Download and try it now! Be the best pixelmon hunter among your friends

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