Moment Capture, Inc.



PanoMoments are a new creative VR format that couple time and space. They're typically captured using a rotating camera, but you can also create them by converting existing 360 video, or even animate them using your preferred drawing application. If you're looking for the iOS version of the PanoMoments app, see here -'ve barely scratched the surface of the creative possibilities and can't wait to see what others will create. If you'd like to get a notification upon new featured content, please sign up on*Attention Daydream Headset Users*If you have previously paired your phone with a Daydream View headset, the PanoMoments app will launch in VR mode. To switch out of VR mode, hit the gear icon or go to your Daydream settings and set Headset to "Google Cardboard (I/O 2015)" and then quit and reopen the app.

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