Boyfriend Girls Craft: Love

Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure


My Virtual boyfriend in a girls craft world! Dating sim high school crush game! A game where you can have a boyfriend in a blocky world! Build, create and explore pocket edition of the world! Boyfriend mod! Creative game for teenage girls! Make a sweet scandal or become an Office lover! Seduce your best friend! Create a college love story! The world is open - make and create anything you want ! A great dating game with a creative mode and adventure mode! Cube craft with handsome boys! The best of boyfriend games! Have a virtual boyfriend and make your ex super jealous! Make your school crush love you! Be a top girl and pick any boy you want! Dating simulator with building & crafting. Build a house and live together! Marry him! Have a best wedding ever! Dateway! Meet and chat with a boy! Love and exploration! Love and romance in a block world! Create a crazy love story! Make a huge party, invite your friends and have fun! This game lets you create anything you want! From girlfriend to boyfriend love story! So build your love nest, have a pet - kitty or puppy or even a Pony! Great free games for girls! Be a perfect girlfriend! Be a perfect couple! Stop being single! Find your romantic Romeo! Dating craft - the best game for girls! Boys & Grils craft exploration of the cube with a handsome boy! Build, create, craft!. Story mode based on high school and college love story! Be a princess of the prom party! So plunge into the world of Building & crafting. Create and build structures from small houses to the whole city! Build a princess castle! Make friends with pets (puppy, cat, pony). Get a new boyfriend and create the best love story ever! Create a fashionable world! Blocky craft - Boyfriend edition! High school dating in a blocky craft world! Love games for girls - the new way! Upcoming features:MultiplayerLove calculatorCooking in the kitchen mini gameLove tester My love story modeSpa salon modeFashion craft (design)Craft for girls modeMy unicorn & mini games!Building & crafting - fast (2x)Be tagged! Dating! Decorate a Doll House!See other apps for more girls crafting games! Princess and fashion craft games are available for free! Meet the boyfriend of your dreamsBuild and explore together!Create your own love story!