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Popcorn Trivia takes movie night to a whole new level. Test your film knowledge, challenge your friends, or host your own game show using a variety of movies across all genres. Earn ranks and climb from a lowly cleaning crew member to a powerful studio head! Points earn you bonuses which can be strategically used on lifelines for those extra-hard questions.- Choose from a wide range of movies across all genres.- Challenging questions that test your film knowledge.- Questions are cleverly crafted by true cinephiles.- Encounter a wide variety of questions.- Great at parties or on your own.- New movies added weekly.- Answers offer trivia bits about your favorite movies.From the people who brought you CustomPlay, The Ultimate Movie Companion App, comes a movie trivia game for for Android! It's fun, addicting and entertaining!Terms of use : https://popcorntrivia.com/terms-of-use.phpEULA: https://popcorntrivia.com/application-eula.php

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