Guess the ASL Sign

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Guess the ASL Sign is an ASL game for learning your sign in a fun way.Guess the ASL Sign is the new game where you can learn how to sign in American Sign Language, if you are deaf or a hearing person you can still learn or practice your fingerspelling and become able to have a conversation with a hearing impairment person.This game is made for hearing and earless persons, this will help you practice your previous american sign language vocabulary, this is an excellent opportunity for anybody to practice and master the American Sign language ASL, with this Guess the ASL sign game.Practice your previously learn fingerspelling, don´t hesitate to increase your vocabulary, everything you learned in an ASL dictionary, this is an excellent opportunity to put in practice your knowledge in the American Sign Language ASL with easy images, you will have hints if you don´t know and the opportunity to earn coins.This is an amazing, and outstanding learning tool for all the persons that would like to get introduced in the deaf culture, those who try to communicate with deafened persons and want to evaluate their knowledge, so don´t let this opportunity go and download this app.Practice your fingerspelling, test your knowledge in American Sign Language, share the game with your fellows, doesn´t matter if they are deaf or hearing people, they will enjoy the guess the ASL Sign game.To become a master in something you must practice, so practice your fingerspelling, communicate with deaf and hearing people, increase your ASL vocabulary, yes, your ASL vocabulary and learn new ASL words with this Guess Game made for deaf or hearing impairment people and for hearing people.Don´t lose the chance to learn this with us, this is an excellent opportunitty to study with us, with your friends, to study the us sign language, the ASL or American Sign Language that is spoken in US, practice and have a blast with the us sign language.