Why You Always Lying




By pressing the respected button the sound will play. Upon long pressing of the a button display an option to set as your ringtone and download the sound. The ringtone sound will be found in your ringtone folder in your settings as well the directory (file://media/ringtone/...) and (file://media/lying/...). Also the full video and a remix by Dj Taj feat. Flex & BasedPrince is equipped within the application. Along with the soundboard this app is equipped with a meme generator where you can download "Why You Always Lying" images and create the memes or select your own images! Note: There is some profanity in the songBy no way am I attempting to copyright, impersonate, or infringe any trademarks. All credits go to Nicholas Fraser (Instagram: @downgoes.fraser) for the song, the mobile application is for entertainment purposes, prank your friends. All based off the popular Vine and Instagram videos meme