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Nothing clears a trouble mind better than shooting a bow! Join Archery World Club and start your practice today! Aim, focus and shoot! HYPERREALISTIC ARCHERY SIMULATION Archery World Club completely simulates this ancient to modern sports from every aspect: 3D graphic, wind effects, draw strength, arrow and the target. It is a great chance to experience the gigantic tension before shooting an arrow and the total relaxation seconds later. Also, you can improve your skills by practicing daily, and upgrade your equipment to become a master! EASY TO PLAY Press on the screen to draw the bow, and try to aim at your target. Release your finger and the shoot the arrow! It is a game that can improve your focus ability! ADDICTIVE GAME MODES In our Archery World Club, you do not only shoot for high score. Two different game modes make this game very entertaining. In Training Mode, you will practice your skills under different circumstances (Distance, moving/still target, wind power..etc) Try to reach the high score in this mode, hit on the bull’s eye for the highest achievement! In Mission Mode, archers need to complete interesting goals to earn rewards, such as making the final score to 39, or hitting at the 1 point zone. Will you become the archery champion? BUILD YOUR BOW COLLECTION Complete different challenges to collect coins. Use your savings to purchase new equipment. A good bow is more steady for holding, and it also allows you to put more weight on when drawing. A nice arrow will fly better under windy conditions. ARCHERY WORLD CLUB FEATURES: 100% Simulation of modern archery Realistic 3D graphics Different game modes and levels of addictive archery challenges Totally free for download More exciting game modes(Online tournament) and updates will be released in future! Download it now and discover your potential in Archery World Club! Please like our facebook page to receive more information about this game: Or contact us via email:

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