CJ Poker Odds Calculator

CJ Cheng



Poker odds calculator for Texas Hold'em. Input optionally players’ cards and board cards. Then simulates the Win% (Equity%) for each player!!! (Accuracy adjustable) Features: - It’s OPTIONAL to input the players’ cards. You don’t need to know your opponents’ cards for the app to work, but if you do know, you can input their cards if you want!!! - SPEED and ACCURACY ADJUSTABLE in option menu - GRAPHICAL user interface - Completely FREE!!! NO ADVERTISEMENT!!! - Prevents the user to enter the same card twice - Fast!!! - BIG buttons and font, designed to be user friendly - Helpful color coding of Win% (Equity %) Please give me an email if you find a bug or want me to improve anything: chenjungcheng@googlemail.com Keywords: probability 승률 계산기 포커 텍사스 홀덤 ポーカー オッズ 計算機 テキサス・ホールデム 確率 賠率計算器 德州撲克 概率

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