Army Prisoner Plane Transport

Mizo Studio Inc


Are you ready to transport Jail Criminals and prisoners in one of the best prisoner transport game? The missions in this game are very different from transporting terrorists and war criminals on police prisoner transport van or transport plane. Since police cannot handle these jail criminals, army is taking control of situation and is in charge now. Your duty starts as an army bus driver who provides jail prisoners transport on army bus and transport van to secret locations and fly them in army helicopter. Take control as a jail criminals transport plane pilot and army truck driver and finish your police prison duty. First drive the army prisoner transport van, carry the prisoners to airport and then become a helicopter pilot to move them to another island. Given the engaging army prisoner transport plane gameplay and realistic controls, as seen in best army truck simulator, military cargo plane simulator and army helicopter simulator games, you would surely love this game. Since you are stepping up to be the designated officer of this army mission, you would be required to prevent any prison escape or jail break scenario at all costs. Stay alert while driving your police van with jail criminals as you have been hired as bus driver. If you fulfill your army truck driver duty and transport jail criminals and army cargo to the destination within time, you will surely rise up in the army ranks. Police prison duty in city police force is not even close to the missions that need your attention. Pressure is immense in any army prisoner transport van game but this police bus prisoner game trains you perfectly for transporting prisoners. Prevent prison break and jail escape while playing a role in army transportation like driving military trucks, helicopter & army cargo truck. You would definitely develop real driving and parking skills in police prisoner van game. One you take the jail criminal transport van into the military base helipad, you will have to fly the army helicopter to the army base. Just like any army transport cargo plane game, the helicopter or police plane that you will fly would require great precision. Become a helicopter pilot and fly jail criminals plane to the required air craft destination in this Jail criminals transport plane game. You would highly enjoy jail criminals transport van with army truck driver & transporter plane simulation. Play the best helicopter simulator and bus simulator being an army soldier who can perform jail criminals transport plane duty and army cargo in this cargo plane & transport criminals game. Cargo transportation will include army helicopter, fighter jets, heavy equipment and several ammo consignments. While you fly your helicopter, do note that other police plane are also monitoring the army zone and are following the movement of military transportation and criminals transport van. Features of Army Prisoner Transport Van: - Detailed helicopter and trucks models - Realistic plane transport simulator - Exciting jail criminals transport plane pilot missions - Realistic army truck driving - Super Challenging Police Airplane Flight Simulation Levels - Drive army cargo truck - Time sensitive criminals transport plane missions - Police Plane and army helicopter options

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