QUELMAN PAC is a splendid game that It combines arcade action and ability to solve puzzles and riddles. GAME: * To overcome the screens, the QUELMAN PAC must eat all the dots and avoid being caught by the ghosts and dodging danger zones. * To achieve this, you have to find the keys that open secret doors, teleport to inaccessible places and at all times, avoid the enemies. MORE TIME: * Includes over 100 screens all levels. * Organized in 3 distinct phases: Apprentice, Normal and Expert. ARCADE AND PUZZLES: * Excitement, speed, strategy and puzzles; you should eat all the points; But you know find the way to achieve this? * The ghost chasing you and you must avoid them to overcome the screens. CONTROLS: * To make the moves you just have to move your finger over the screen in the direction you want to go. * Easy, intuitive and versatile. RECORDS: * Share your best record with other players; Will you be able to overcome them? FREE: * This game is TOTALLY FREE, without deception or "in-app purchases." Everyone plays the same opportunities without providing benefits to those who pay. * QUELMAN, not annoying banner ads includes limiting the playing area. * In return: this app contains advertisements that appear at the end of the games. It attempts thereby to be at least possible nuisance. ZOOM: * QUELMAN can zoom the image to get more quality or a more global view; thus adapting to different terminal capabilities and preferences of the players .. CONFIGURED: * Includes a setting screen to enable or disable the music and sounds of the game; well as other parameters such as zoom and movement. LIGHT: * QUELMAN is an amazing game; exciting and fast-paced; but also ONLY TAKES 8Mb; and you can move to SD memory. 2014, @NotyxGames - NOTIX GESTIÓN Y DESARROLLOS S.L. (Notyx Games)