Troll Face Quest Epic Fail

Ihar Shaduryn



Don't pass by! Another crazy game has finally come out! If you don't know about trolls, you shouldn't tell anybody about this, otherwise you'll be trolled terribly 😹! This time you must solve many clever puzzles and figure impossible situations out in order not to fail epically in everyday situations. •🍼 Do you know what will be if you mix some popular sweets with the popular drink? BANG-BANG! Be careful not to destroy the whole planet. •🏀 Have you ever seen the mother, who was trolling her son having put a brick into a ball? Such things happen, all you need is to take revenge. •💩 Have you been to the toilet? If not, you shouldn't do pull-ups with a bar. You'd better avoid this at all. TO TROLL OR TO FAIL EPICALLY? When you're trolled for 100500th time, think up how to get out of this awkward situations. You'll succeed! •Absolutely new and ridiculous levels •Play anytime anywhere, wi-fi is not required Your opinion is very important for us! What level do you like the most? Do you have any idea about how a new level should be? Write comments!