Sundae Maker

Sunstorm by TabTale


Sundae Maker is a HIT! Thanks to everyone who is building awesome sundaes! Includes a sampling of items for building the most delicious, real or wacky ice cream sundaes! Build the ultimate ice cream sundaes from a huge selection of ingredients! * Pick your cone, special ice cream dish or bowl! * Select your scoop of Ice Cream, scoop after scoop of flavors! * Add the syrups! One for each scoop or layer after layer of sweets! * Next cover your creation with Candy Toppings, Fruit Toppings, Chopped Nuts or more! * Add on Goodies and Candies, place as many as you want, anywhere you want! * Finally add extra decorations to make your sundae extra special! * Pick your favorite background setting for eating your sundae! * Then, eat your sundae! * Or, email it to a friend! * Or Save it in the freezer to show off or eat later!

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