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Swahili Bible - Biblia Takatifu. Read and listen to Bible verses using the Bible in Swahili translation. This application allows you to read and listen to the word of God on your favorite android device. By READING the Holy Bible you are letting the Words of Life change you, inspire you, and strengthen you. This app also comes complete with the audio version of all chapters of New and Old testaments. If you have a hard time reading or understanding the Scriptures on your own, or if you just hate reading, this audio Bible is for you! We are pleased to announce that you can download it to use for FREE! Fast and easy to use. This app is perfect for Swahili people around the world who wants to read and hear the King James Bible in Swahili. Listen to the word of God every day and come closer to God by use the Swahili Bible app. God bless you!Keyword:Biblia Takatifu-Swahili Bible, Swahili Bible App, Swahili Bible Free, Audio Swahili Bible, Swahili Bible Translation, Burundi Bible, Congo Bible, Kenya Bible, Mayotte Bible, Comorian Bible, Mozambique Bible, Oman Bible, Rwanda Bible, Tanzania Bible, Uganda Bible

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