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Circuit route planner uses sophisticated technology that combines expected traffic conditions, up to date map data and sophisticated algorithms to be the best performing delivery route planner in the Play Store.Using Circuit's route optimization leads to delivery routes that are up to 30% shorter than even the best manually planned routes.Powerful Features: • Plan and optimize up to 200 stops (8 without a subscription)• Set stop time windows.• Set start and end locations, begin at and finish by times.• Import from spreadsheets.• Cross device/sync.Circuit has been built to solve all your potential routing problems. It works perfectly well for road trippers as a trip planner, delivery drivers as a delivery route planner, and tourists as a itinerary planner.How to use Circuit to plan a delivery route:• Enter the addresses of the deliveries you need to make.• Start your start and end locations• Optimize the delivery route.• Navigate to the first stop.• Tap the notification to say you're done with that stop• Navigate to the next stop• RepeatOur delivery optimization algorithms have been shown to save users up to 30% on both fuel and time.If you drive for a living, there's $300+ of savings per month to be made simply by optimizing and planning your delivery route using Circuit!