Adivina el Youtuber

Vei Games



Guess the Youtuber is a game in which you will have to demonstrate your knowledge about the most popular youtubers of the whole network. With over 40 levels to overcome with this game you must bring out all your knowledge.With guess the youtube name you will spend hours and hours trying to decipher the name of the most charismatic and popular Youtube characters. Youtubers belong to different areas such as videouegos, decorations, comics and salseo, so only true Youtube fans will be able to complete the whole game.Among the youtubers featured in this game are:-PewDiePie-SMOSH-NigaHiga-KSI-MarinaJoyce-ElRubiusOMG-Fernanfloo-HolaSoyGerman-YuyaAnd much more!Whats the game about?It will show some images with tracks of the name of the anime on the screen accompanied by a series of letters that you must use to form the word that completes the name. If you succeed you will advance to the next level, as you progress in the game; Every time it becomes more difficult, but not impossible.How to play?You only have to press the letters until forming the word of the anime that corresponds to the image shown. If you succeed you will continue to the next level and you will receive a series of rewards that can be very useful later.Be the first to finish this game between your friends to demonstrate and make clear who is the real King of the Youtubers!

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