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Whether you're doing one load of laundry a week or 10, the WASH Laundry app is a convenient and easy way to lighten your load. Pay for laundry from your phone and much more!DO LAUNDRY WITH EASEWith the WASH Laundry app, there's no need to fumble for quarters, search the laundry room for available machines, or guess when your laundry is done. The app automatically displays washers and dryers available nearby. You simply tap on the machine you want to use and pay right from your phone within seconds. Plus, you have the added convenience of being able to track and get notifications when your laundry is doneā€”all with this secure app.Here's how it works:1. Select a machine.2. Pay. 3. Monitor the laundry cycle time or get a notification when your laundry is done.And, you can add funds to your WASH Laundry account using a credit or debit card at any time, quickly and securely.LOOK FOR THE WASH MOBILE DECALYou can use the WASH Laundry app on any washer or dryer displaying the WASH Laundry app decal in WASH common-area laundry rooms throughout the United States. As soon as you enter the laundry room, the app will automatically detect the enabled washers and dryers. No pairing or configuration is needed.If you'd like your common-area laundry room enabled for the WASH Laundry app, have your property owner or manager contact us at customersupport@washlaundry.com. SAFE & SECURE A safe and secure system, the WASH Laundry app is PCI- and ISO 8000 compliant, and does not store any personal or credit card data or numbers. Each step in the payment process is securely encrypted. DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY! Laundry doesn't have to be such a chore with the WASH Laundry app. Download the app today and get washing!