RanchoGait 2

Rancho Research Institute, INC.



* This app is based on the Rancho Observational Gait Analysis System, a well-known method for teaching physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, students, and other health care professionals a systematic approach to analyzing normal gait and pathologic gait. * The RanchoGait app is the first of a series of apps to provide instruction on how to evaluate both normal and pathologic gait with the final app in the series aimed at prescription of lower extremity orthoses which was developed at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center for individuals with neurologic impairments.* The current version of the app in the series for RanchoGait is intended to be a useful tool for students and clinicians to learn and/or review the fundamental elements of Normal Gait, the Problem-Solving Approach, and Pathologic Gait in an interactive manner. * The RanchoGait app allows the user to be an active participant in learning the essential elements of Normal and Pathologic Gait and engages critical thinking in the learning process. * The RanchoGait app can be used as a stand-alone learning aid or in conjunction with an in-person course as a supplement to principles presented in a lecture-based format. * The RanchoGait app contains the highlights and essential elements of Normal Gait, including Phases, Functional Tasks, Task Accomplishments, and Critical Events; and the Pathologic Gait describes the different deviations during the phases of human gait. * User Manual - To use the RanchoGait app, the user simply taps on Normal Gait and the element of interest, including Gait Cycle, Phases, Functional Tasks, Critical Events, etc.  An interactive player allows the user to view a video clip that describes the highlights and essential elements of the gait cycle and other sub-categories. The user can interact with the available choices for playing the phases and sub-categories of Normal Gait. For the Pathologic Gait, the user simply taps on Pathologic Gait and the gait deviation of interest, to view videos describing each aspect of deviations of pathologic gait at the entire gait cycle.