Calligrapher Pro

Mark Tushkevich

Art & Design


Using pens and pencils the program enables creating calligraphic prints and drawings. The toolbar is easy to use – tools are on a transparent background and don't block up your screen. 5 sorts of pencil:- A simple pen (line thickness remains constant)- Pen (line thickness depends on the movement speed)- Thin pencil (line thickness depends on the movement direction – press simulation)- Wide pencil- Double penThere are settings such as colour, line thickness and transparence for each tool.Slope angle settings of the wide pencil are from 0 up to 90 degrees. For the thin pencil up to 360 degrees.Zoom.Gradient background.You can open your image and photo.Advantages of the Pro version:- ads free- large range of pen width setting- adjusting the size of the texture- automatic change of screen orientation, the application can be used both in landscape and portrait orientation (in the usual version only landscape)- disabling anti-aliasing, which allows small images to draw on pixelsYour drawings can be saved for the further processing.